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Danone Multi Nutrition is the largest producer of infant milk powder and other fortified milk powders in the Middle East.

Multicafé is the largest producer of instant coffee in the Middle East. It supplies a comprehensive range of products and services based on spray and agglomeration technology as well as various mix drinks such as 3 in 1, cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Partsazan Forging has grown since its foundation by PSIG into the second largest producer of forged parts in the Middle East, with a number of international OEMs in the automotive industry among its clients. Other focus segments are the petrochemical and energy sector.

Partsazan Mechanism was founded by PSIG as a manufacturer of high quality automotive suspensions, steering, ball joints and tie rods. Our product range has expanded to include a comprehensive range of systems such as steering gears, steering pumps and axle assemblies for automotive OEMs.

Partsazan Propeller Shaft, located in Mashad (Iran), is the first domestic propeller shaft manufacturer. Today, we are the market leader with an annual production capacity of more than 250,000 units.

PSIG provides a wide range of real estate development services, ranging from large scale industrial plants, high end residential housing to bespoke office buildings.

PSIG Venture Capital, takes an active role in helping a range of Start-up companies reach their full potental.