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Partsazan Forging

Partsazan Forging has grown since its foundation by PSIG into the second largest producer of forged parts in the Middle East, with a number of international OEMs in the automotive industry among its clients. Other focus segments are the petrochemical and energy sector

Partsazan Forging’s commitment to continuous improvement and a planned expansion of capacity from currently 16,500 MT/year up to 25,000 MT have resulted in a considerable increase of its export share. Thanks to its integrated production from hot and cold forging to heat treatment, Partsazan Forging is recognized as a premier supplier, focused on high margin custom forgings, rather than lower margin commodity items.

This success has been achieved by using CAD/CAM and in house die production facilities for high quality dies. Critical parts like axle parts, knuckle arms, suspension and transmission parts, connection rods and shafts are among the many items produced by the hot forging facilities. The cold forging plant produces high volume symmetric parts. These parts include ball pins, cups, bolts, nuts and connecting rods for the automotive industry as well as the petrochemical and gas industries.