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Multicafé is the largest producer of instant coffee in the Middle East. It supplies a comprehensive range of products and services based on spray and agglomeration technology as well as various mix drinks such as 3 in 1, cappuccino or hot chocolate

With a capacity of 4,000 MT/p.a. – Multicafé offers services for the private label industry along the whole value chain, starting from the procurement of green coffee, blending processes, individual packaging services and ending with tailor made instant coffee products in supermarket shelves. Multicafé also offers assistance in new product developments and in professional sales & marketing services, thus offering a total solution to our regional and international customers.

Another focus of Multicafé is the retail channel: In-house expertise and experience in establishing brands in the food industry have been applied to develop strong instant coffee brands such as Multicafé and Ino, each focused on specific target customer groups with their own distinct expectations in taste, quality and lifestyle-statements.